Angela Bleakley

I was born in Holland, the second eldest in my family with one sister and five brothers.

My family emigrated to Australia in the mid fifties, with the hopes of a better of a better life and future for each of us, thus encouraging us to fulfill our dreams.

My career in Nursing in four Australian States, mostly as a Midwife over the past thirty plus years, has enabled many of these dreams to become a reality, challenging and extremely valuable.

Other rewarding aspects have been in Missionary training, Pastoral Care, Teaching, Preaching, Counselling Ministries with my husband and two supportive children.

These years have given me the privilege of sharing in so many lives - their hurts and pains, hopes and fears, joys and tears.

Now, unable to continue the physical demands of Nursing, I desire to share these experiences in print.

P.O.BOX 2534.
QLD. 4350.


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