The Man By the Billabong

 On the edge of the road,
Near the billabong sat,
The tall old man,
With the thin felt hat.

He looked in the water,
Shimmering blue,
It looked tired,
He was too.

Suddenly a young boy,
On the far bank,
Fell in the water,
And quickly sank.

With a quick look,
The old man dived,
He quickly swam,
He hoped the boy had survived.

The man pulled him up,
His job wasn't done,
He shook the boy,
He still hadn't won.

Suddenly the boy gasped,
The boy was alive,
The danger was passed,
The boy would survive.

Susannah Andrew
© All rights reserved

grasspoolsm.jpg (34331 bytes)
Rock pool and waterfall near Highfields
photographer - Simon Avery


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