Gina's Magical Goldfish


Gina was 11 years old, tall with long dark eyelashes and mysterious eyes that made her look as though she knew something that nobody else did. No one believed Gina when she said that she had a magical goldfish.

One day though, her classmates set out to find out about Gina's magical goldfish. They slowly gathered information about the fish as Gina talked about it.

Soon Gina moved out of town to a farm with only water out of an old limestone covered tank and an old orange brick bordered garden filled with lusty red roses, which gave it an old fashioned air. A creek ran through the back  of the property, a thin, clear creek that reminded one of a silky thread and as you come closer, the pinky green dotty texture turned out to be waterlillies, large green pads overtaking the creek with gentle quickness.

Amelia, one of the girls interested in the fish, worked out that most fish would die if their water was changed.  To prove if this fish was a magical fish or not, the girls would have to find out if the fish had died or was still alive.

"I'll find out if this fish has died or not." said Amelia with an air of secrecy about her. She held the other girls spellbound as she described how the fish was a rainboy colour and had an unusual way of moving around the aquarium.

"Just a minute," broke in Charlene, "How do you know all this?"

"Ah," said Amlia with a smile of satisfaction, "I forgot to tell you   ...... I live next door to Gina." There was a ripple of astonishment that ran from one end of the small group to the other.

The girls began to show more and more interest in Gina and so finally she asked them, "Why do you listen for everything I say?"

"Does Amelia live next door to you?" asked Sarah, one of the bolder of the group.

"What are you talking about?" Gina stared at Sarah.   "Amelia lives on the other side of town from me!"

Now Sarah decided to take matters into her  own hands. She lived near Gina's house but had not told anybody. One day, during the holidays, she sneaked over to Gina's house, throught the back door and made for the study where Gina had mentioned the fish was kept. When she arrived she laughed out loud. The fish was on a computer and she had the same computerised fish at her home. There could be two studies at Gina's place.

When they all went back to school, all the girls began talking about the fish. Sarah told them about the computer fish but Amelia chipped in, a grin all over her face, " Remember Gina said that there were two studies at her place. She's so rich. Did you check them both?"

"No," Sarah looked up, surprised, "I will have to go and check."

So she did ..... and found out that in the other study was a magical goldfish - rainbow coloured and silky skinned, just as Amelia had said. The next day at school Sarah told the other girls what she had found. Not long after, all the girls went to Amelia's birthday party and as Sarah peeked into her study, there was the answer to th emystery .... Amelia had the same fish as Gina. The fish was not so magical afterall.

When Sarah went to a pet shop to buy a pet fish, she say a fish just like Gina's and Amelia's. It's name was the Magical Rainbow Goldfish. Sarah and Amelia were both right. It was a magical fish .......

Susannah Andrew
Copyright, 1999.
All rights reserved.


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