I love to live in Highfields
Up on the mountain range
To see the beauty of the gums
High, up on the mountain top,
Amid the summer rains,
A fragant freshness in the air,
A misty waterfall not far below,
Its nature dense and rare.

It's fun to live in Highfields
Enjoy its many walking paths
Where folks and pets alike may come
To frolic in the parks,
New fancy houses great and small
Within expansive spacious lots
The children love to roam and play
Among the gardens and the rocks.

It's challenging to live in Highfields
The youth enjoy their sports
Facilities are great you know
It keeps them out of courts.
Camping, boating, fishing,
Activities and fun for all
Cooby, Cressbrook, Perseverance dams
Just pack your bags, and have a ball.

It's so serene to live in Highfields
Landscaped scenes are everywhere
Nurseries where flowers are blooming
Orchids, roses, trees and shrubs are looming,
Native birds so sweet their song
Convince one's leart that they belong
So peaceful, quiet not a care
Our birds are special everywhere.

A Highfields garden scene.

Highfields Garden
photographer - Angela Bleakley

It's great to live in Highfields
For both the young and old
Museum Park displays the times
Great treasures they behold.
A public library just for you
Facilitates those learning curves
Magazines, books and yes computers too
Come see, relax, and soothe your nerves.

It's exciting to live in Highfields
With wide expansive views
A journey to the chocolate shop
With all the latest news.
Enjoy the freedom you can have
To share your heart's intents
As there are people everywhere
Who'd join your 'sweet' events.






It's so pleasant to live in Highfields
With its Danish floral art
Creative gifts to buy or make
With those, you may not wish to part.
Cabarlah markets not too far
Just wander slowly round and round
Then buy or sell those special wares
There's bargains to be found.

cuckoos.jpg (16847 bytes)

Blackforest Hill Cuckoo Clocks
photographer - Angela Bleakley

Highfields is the perfect place
For things to see and do
Just up the road a little way
Black Forest Hill, is there for you.
With lots and lots of cuckoo clocks
Plus many gifts, souvenirs galore
The German coffee shop,with tasty cakes
Will etch your memories, forever more.

Yes its nice to live in Highfields
Works of arts are on display
Concerts, movies, different functions
Are a part of every day.
And for all the spiritually inclined
Community Church is the place to find
A friendly, pleasant bunch, you'll see
Our Cultural Centre is the place to be.

Angela Bleakly
1999 ©




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