Green, Grey, Ghastly  


Scrubby Creek

I walked through the hot sticky mud towards my favourite place, Scrubby Creek. It was the only place I could be alone with my best and only friend Jemma, my turtle. Scrubby Creek was a beautiful place. It had long dark green grass, brown dirt paths lined with large grey rocks, tall thick green trees and lots of colourful butterflies.

I sat beside the narrow creek, with the sun glistening in my eyes, watching the large turtle swim playfully. Jemma was a large green turtle. Her shell was as smooth as a python's back.

Swimming Turtle.
Lino cut print of the Jemma the turtle by the author.

I decided I should start walking home as it was getting late. When I reached my little house that was tucked away behind a wood of oak trees, I collapsed on my bed, as I was really tired, and fell asleep.

My mother woke me that morning and I get ready for school as it was a Monday. My mum dropped me off at school and I was glad when the home bell rang. I ran to Scrubby Creek straight away. Jemma wasn't there. She was gone! She was always there.

I reached out and touched a branch that leaned over the creek. A tear came to my eye. A slight rustling sound broke the silence. I ran home as fast as I could. "Mum! Mum! Jemma is gone!" I yelled.

"She can't be gone. Maybe she just went up stream," said Mum.

"But she's always there!" I yelled. The next few days I was really upset, but eventually I let it slip my mind.

A few weeks later, I went down to Scrubby Creek and sat on a rock. About 10 metres away from the creek, I saw lots of little spots out of the corner of my eye. I ran up to the creek and to my astonishment there were lots of little turtles crawling towards the creek. "Oh Jemma," I whispered......

Author - student from Regents Park.

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This story was created during a two day literary project
at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia
to celebrate World Environment Day.

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