Green, Grey, Ghastly  



Hi! My name is Nick Spence. I'm, well, I was an ordinary 15 year old boy who was a good swimmer. I like to wear baggy clothes, colours that contrast well, and casual shoes that have their laces untied. I enjoy reading books, especially science fiction. My favourite place to read these books is at Park Ridge Pool. It's always quiet and there aren't many people.

After I read my books I look at the water. It shimmers really brightly in the sunlight. I listen to the palm trees as they sway in the breeze and the slender, sharp green leaves whip through the air. It sounds like they're whispering something to me.

One cold, dark, rainy day I decided to go down to the pool and do some training. I saw my coach. Craig was a big fat grumpy old man who had a serious wedgee problem. He could get angry with people and I knew he wasn't in a good mood today.

"Hurry up, Spence, I haven't got all day you know!" yelled Craig. BOOM!!! CRRACK!!! went a blinding flash of lightning from the sky. I started to dive and saw a flash of zapping electricity in the pool!

SSPLASSHH! ZZZ! Help me! ZZZ! I knew it, I couldn't believe it. I'd been ELECTROCUTED!!!

"HA HA HA!" laughed Craig, "HA HA HA HE HE HE HE!" He was rolling all over the concreted ground, laughing his little plumpy head off!

I felt tense! I felt as if I could zap him with the electricity inside me. "NOOOOOOOO!!! I yelled at the top of my lungs. "You may be laughing now, but after I've finished with you I'll be the one laughing then!!! I gritted my teeth, hurled myself out of the pool, closed my eyes and heard the whispering of the whipping palm tree leaves.

Palm tree.
Lino cut print of one of the palm trees by the author.

But this time it was different. I could make out what it was saying, "If you really want to you can. We'll give you the power to zap electricity out of your fingers. Just think of electricity and you'll be able to paralyze anyone!"

"That's it," I yelled. "I'll do it!" With all the courage I could find in my short, fit body I screamed "FREEZE OR I'LL PARALYZE YOU!!!" This made fat Craig laugh even harder, I got more tense so I zapped him.

When Craig came out of hospital I went to see him in his tiny cramped house with the pink roof. He told me I was totally banned from the pool and I couldn't read my books there anymore.

So I went to "Beaudesert Pool" after that, 50 metre lanes, water hitting the side softly, palm trees whispering in the breeze and a big mean muscular coach that could lift me with his pinky, grunting at me like Craig would, if I was late. He sounded a lot worse though!!

Author - Year 6 student from Greenbank.

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This story was created during a two day literary project
at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia
to celebrate World Environment Day.

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