Green, Grey, Ghastly  


Grandad's Plane

Grandad's shed is the most wonderful place I know. The kerosene is the strongest smell. It leaks from the can in which it is held. The sawdust is under the lathe and has a fresh woody smell. The rusty metal scent comes from his old lawn mower. The shed is an army green colour.

To describe Grandad you might think of a joker. He loves to tell jokes that he has made up. Some are so corny that we get stitches of laughter. His voice sounds like an old car starting. He is very kind to us all.

About five days ago, when I was there, I found an 8cm long model of a war seaplane from the 1930's. It was perfect for surveying Logan City's woodland area. "Grandad," I asked, "Can I have this?" His eyes fell on the plane.

"Of course," he replied with a smile. When we got home I fitted two A batteries into the engines and flicked a switch. The engines whirred like a tiny fan. I threw it into the air and it flew around the room. It was fantastic, but it needed some adjustments. So I made a new, simple efficient engine which didn't need petrol. No pollution. It took some time to warm up though and it needed a run up to take off as well.

Another problem arose. What about my dogs? They kept on chasing the plane. Maybe they could smell my scent on the plane. So I made a tiny camera and microphone and slipped them into the cockpit. Then I could control it from the computer and keep away from dogs and obstacles like trees. So, the plane was launched for her first mission - to fight pollution, to exterminate garbage and defend trees. The launch was perfect and the engines turned into a blur as is flew on it's way to the Logan River.

Plane flying over dog.
Lino cut print of the grandads plane flying over a dog by author.

I was now surrounded by bush but instead of being beautiful there was pollution every where. The water was sickening. Garbage lined the shore. Then, suddenly, a loud buzz came from somewhere. The camera revealed my worst fears. It was two men, using a chainsaw to chop down a tree. I landed so that they wouldn't be suspicious.

"We're finally cutting down this tree illegally," laughed the man. The other man laughed with him.

No one has ever been as angry as I was then. I wanted to give them a piece of my mind, so I sent the plane after them. It dived down straight at them buzzing around them like an angry hornet. They kept on trying to knock it out of the sky but I kept it just out of their reach leading them closer and closer to the creek. I bet you can guess what happened. They were so busy trying to get my plane they both fell into the creek, chain saw and all. That's when they gave up. They walked back wet and dripping to their 4 wheel drive and never came back. I wouldn't either, if I were them.

Author - Year 6 student from Yugumbir.

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This story was created during a two day literary project
at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia
to celebrate World Environment Day.

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