Green, Grey, Ghastly  



Greenbank was once covered in beautiful green trees and sweet smelling flowers. The neighbours were always willing to lend a helping hand. But that was long ago and now Greenbank is a part of a man made polluted super city.

A 35 year old vet named Kara Clifford lived here. She had long red hair that was almost always in a bun and beautiful eyes that seemed to dance. Her skin was pale and cold. At work she wore her uniform, which was a tight blue dress, blue socks, black high heels that were so clean that sparkled and a long white coat. When she was at home, which was hardly ever, she wore long dresses that were never bright.

This woman may have looked delightfully happy whenever you saw her, but way down deep inside she felt deeply miserable. All she really wanted was to go to a place where everything was green. Where she could smell the sweet scent of bees making fresh honey and lie on the soft grass under the bright sun. Where she could accidentally fall asleep listening to the sound of a nearby waterfall and the birds singing ever so sweetly. Instead she had to live on the eighteenth floor of a twenty storey sky scraper where the air was so polluted that whenever she opened the window the gas from a nearby factory would make her quite ill. The city was grey and she could never look at it without feeling sorrow. There was rubbish on the streets and the people were cruel.

Although she worked very hard and very often Kara was poor. Her boss was a thieving scoundrel. He went betting every night and any valuable money he lost would be cut off Kara's account.

Cute little puppy.
Lino cut print of the cute little puppy by author.

One day as she was working on a playful labrador puppy, the cuddly little thing got up and ran out of the yellow back door that was slightly open. As he went through the door it opened and the hinges creaked. When the puppy's cruel owner returned Kara had to tell him the whole story. "What do you mean he ran away" shouted the fat ugly man. "He had a broken leg"

It wasn't too hard to find the puppy for he had left footprints in the sticky oil that never seemed to go away. When she reached the edge of the super city Kara still hadn't found the little puppy but what she saw next flabbergasted her.

There before her was a greenness even bigger and greener than her imaginations. It was all of her secret dreams come true and there under a gigantic fir tree sat the beloved puppy. He ran to Kara and threw himself into her arms. His little pink tongue softly licked her pale face and his hot breath warmed her to her toes.

Kara built herself a hut and lazed the days away. But what happened to the puppy, you ask? Well he was named Rover and lived with Kara and had the best life a dog or a human could ever have, right up till his dying day.

Author - Year 6 student from Greenbank.

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This story was created during a two day literary project
at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia
to celebrate World Environment Day.

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