Literay Day of Excellence at Regents Park 
The days of excellence were commenced by the Deputy Principal's Group in this cluster of schools. The days are designed to give children who excel in areas of curriculum an opportunity to meet together and to work on skills. The days are very popular with the students as they are exposed to a whole range of activities that they do not usually have access to.

We run this day each year on a date close to World Environment Day. Regents Park State School runs the World Environment Day of Excellence and the Literacy Day of Excellence on the same day as we are an environmental school and we have good facilities for this.

This year, for the first time, we received a grant from the Logan City Council Youfest Discretionary Youth Fund for this day. The funding allowed us to employ professionals from various fields to assist the children in their learning. 

Sue Poole, Regents Park State School 

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