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He went to grab the rail of the bridge but got a shock when he realised that his hands no longer existed. They were fins sticking out from the side of his body. "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! I don't want to be a shark!" he screamed as he started to slide under the railing.

"Gaaark. Gaaark." Joe looked up and saw the pelican come flying down from it's perch on the top of the light pole. It opened its beak, grabbed Joe's belt and pulled Joe back from the edge.

Joe looked towards the shark but was surprised to see that there was nothing but a pool of liquid running down through the gaps in the bridge deck. Joe reached up with his hand to scratch his head with hand. "Hand! Ah! Praise the Lord!" Joe looked completely normal again.

"Gaaark." said the pelican as it landed on the light pole again.

"All right," said Joe. "I haven't got any fish yet but you can have my bait. I'm going home to Blue."

He tipped his bag of prawns onto the deck of the bridge for the pelican. He turned his pram around and was just about to walk back down the hump of the bridge towards home when he saw his filleting knife on the bitumen.

Joe reached down to pick it up but the pelican went "Gaaark." again. Joe stopped and gave the knife a kick and sent it over the side and into the water with a splash.

"Thanks," said Joe to the pelican or was it to the bridge or the waters of the Bay. We'll probably never know but if you go down to the old Hornibrook Highway bridge at Brighton bright and early one morning you'll probably see Old Joe and the pelican fishing from the bridge.

© Daryll Bellingham
(Created in an oral improvisation session
with primary children
at Brighton State School 12/2/97)

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