The Space Watch

Chapter 3 - Choose you're weapons

They bowed towards the boy and one said, "We are your warriors. What shall we call you?"

"Ah. My name is Kevin but I prefer 'Hot Dog' that's what my friends call me 'cause I'm so good at video games."

"Thank you. We shall call you Hot Dog. Hot Dog please consider your strategy."

"But, but. How do I play? What do I have to do? How do I know if I've won?"

One of his blue warriors smiled and said, "You will know that you have won if you are still alive when the battle is complete."

"Still alive? But I don't want to die. I thought it was a game. Ahh, I've changed my mind."

"Too late to change your mind Hot Dog. Our opponents will appear on the game area in 10 seconds. Please step through the hatch to the game area."

Steven stepped through the hatch which slid closed after the blue warriors.

"The game shall be played at Earth gravity levels to allow you to move naturally. I suggest you request weapons for yourself. Push button three twice for touch screen to appear."

Kevin pushed the third button on his watch three times and watched the floor of the games area change into a touch screen menu. The weapons menu was mega.

Weapons List

  • Laser sword
  • Power shield
  • Energy grenades
  • Thrust pistol
  • Containment web
  • Fight Data Analyser
  • Neutron Beam
  • Chameleon suit
  • Lunar karate gloves and boots
  • more

He stepped towards the laser sword option but before he could touch it one of the blue warriors said, "As captain of your warriors I respectfully suggest that there are already five laser swords in your team and that you have a better chance of surviving and winning air supply if you chose weapons that suit your skills and that provide a degree of protection."

"Ah. Good idea Captain. Thank you." said Kevin and he stepped forward and stood on the power shield icon.

There was a hiss and a buzzing sound as a shield emerged from a hatch and floated towards Kevin. He grabbed it with his left hand and held it up in front of his body. The handle had a series of buttons built into the had grip. Kevin pushed the first and a list of commands flashed onto the screen on the inside of the shield.

"Two seconds left to chose further weapons if you wish" said his Captain.

Kevin ignored the Power Shield command menu for the moment and looked back at the floor screen. "The shield is protection. Now what do I do well?" Nothing seemed right. He stepped forward and touched the More icon with his foot. A second menu appeared.

Weapons List 2

  • Lunar Battle Tank
  • Shape changer
  • Virus Bomb
  • Launcher Battle Control Joy Stick Glove
  • Speed Boots
  • Back

No hesitation this time. Kevin stepped forward and touched the Battle Control Joy Stick Glove. A bright orange shape floated from the hatch and Steven slid his right hand into the aperture. A tingling sensation ran up his hand and along his arm. Fingers seemed to wrap themselves around what felt like a familiar joy stick with a button for each finger. He pushed the button under the first finger of his right hand and a control menu appeared on the screen of the power shield.

Kevin noted that he had to use his thumb to work the joy stick for directions and each of his four fingers to execute commands.

"Hot Dog, our opponents are entering the battle game area," warned Kevin's captain. Kevin looked up through the clear view section of the shield display and saw six red robots emerge from a hatch in the game floor and take up positions on red circles on the far side of the board.


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