The Space Watch

Chapter 5 - Strawberries

He didn't have time to look for long though. With a weird scream three of the red team warriors sprang into the game room one landed on the battle tank and began assembling it while the other two cast their containment nets high in the air above Steven's team. Steven jiggled the joy stick as fast as he could and the laser swords flashed back and forth slashing into the falling nets. As bits of falling nets fell melting to the floor, Kevin manoeuvred the second Blue Warrior so that he threw the Energy Grenade towards the Red Warrior now almost finishing the Battle Tank.

The Grenade flew through the air and landed right through the top of the hatch , "Yes!"

Steven raised his Power Shield and turned the absorption power level to high with three flicks of his left index finger. The blast when it came blew the tank to pieces, threw the red warrior in an arc across the room where he smashed into the net throwers. They broke into pieces. One piece was a tubular cylinder awfully like an air cylinder! "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Steven cried. The air supply tanks are in the bodies of the red robots.

He jiggled his Captain over to the robot that had been welded into place and used his laser sword to cut a hole in the chest of the robot. The Captain reached in and took out another air tank, brought it over and placed it at Stevens feet.

A display on the Power Shield flashed on and off -

  • All opponents weapons eliminated. Game ends in ten seconds.

The remaining red warriors opened hatches in their sides and took out more parts of an air supply module and placed them in front of Steven. His team of five blue warriors formed a semi circle in front of him and saluted with their laser swords. "Well done Hot Dog," said the Captain.

Steven lowered his Power Shield to the ground but he didn't let go of it or take off the now familiar control glove. "Wow. If I could take this home with me I'd win even more games."

The image of the Lunar Battle Master appeared on the centre circular panel of the game board, morphed into 3D and rose above the game. "Hot Dog you have succeeded in completing the game. You may connect the air supply to your space suit."

"Father may I help?"

Steven turned around and there was another surprise. The body shell of the blue robot captain had been cracked open and out of it was stepping a kid!

"Who? Who are you?" gasped Steven.

"Hi Hot Dog. You're the best Battle Game player we've ever had. Do you want to stay? My name's Xeoner."

The Battle Game Master raised his staff and crashed the end of it down on the game board with a crash of sparks. "Xeoner! You forget yourself young girl. Help Hot Dog install his new air supply."

"Oh yes. Hot Dog couldn't stay could he. There never be enough air to supply him would there." said Xeoner as she lifted the air supply modules into place. Steven heard the air hiss into his tank.

"I'm sorry Hot Dog. You can't stay. Would you like to come again some time?"

"Ah. Yes. I would. Maybe I can bring my own air next time," said Steven.

"I suppose so. You couldn't bring some strawberries by any chance? I miss strawberries."

"I'll try," said Steven.

The Battle Game Master rose to his full height, swung his staff around and in a circle and pointed them first at the Steven's Power Shield and then at the Battle Control Joy Stick Glove. The shield and the glove floated out of Steven's hands and down a hatch in the middle of game board. The wall of the room split from floor to ceiling and pealed back revealing the lunar landscape and the landing pod. A robot rolled out of a hatch and over to Steven. It pointed something that looked like a video camera at Steven and pressed a button. The 'camera' clicked and flashed and clicked and flashed as it moved all around him. When the clicking stopped the robot said, "Prepare for return to earth. Walk to orange circle and point space watch towards earth."

He took a giant step, stood on the orange circle and pointed the watch towards the round blue earth up in the black sky.

"Co-ordinates locked in. Prepare for blast off."

He looked back towards the Battle Game Master and Xeoner to wave but Xeoner was already climbing back into the shell of the blue Captain and the Game Master was morphing back into the surface of the game board.

Before he knew it he was whizzing up into the lunar sky and on his way back to the earth. "Entering earth's atmosphere. Push second button to lower heat shield." The heat shield slid down over his face and body and then started to glow red.

"Prepare for touch down." The laser thrusters fired and he felt himself turn round and slow down. The heat shield cleared as he flew past his favourite tree and into the window of his room. The space suit began to shrink and it slid up off his legs, over his face and back into the slot in the watch.

"Mission accomplished." said the robot voice.

"Wow! I'm home. What a trip!"

He placed his hand on his space watch and felt the familiar 3 buttons on the side and the glowing orange ring that he could twist round and round and he smiled to himself a secret, satisfying smile.

© Daryll Bellingham, Storyteller 16/7/96
(Story originally created during an improvisation session
with a pre-school aged audience at Belmont State Pre-school in 1995 and
reworked for an older audience in 1996)

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