Mr. Stripey of Swaggeyville

Once upon a time there was a dog called Mr. Stripey. Now why did they call this huge fluffy dog Mr. Stripey? Why he was covered in stripes of course - purple and pink stripes.

Everybody in Swaggeyville knew Mr. Stripey. When they saw his purple and pink striped body coming down the street they would call out 'Hello Mr. Stripey! Here boy! Here boy!'

And they would give Mr. Stripey something to eat. Mr. Stripey ate anything and everything. Bones, dog food, pizza, marshmallows, ice creams, you name it and Mr. Stripey would eat it. Pretty soon Mr. Stripey was so big and fat that his tummy started to drag on the ground and a patch was worn out of his purple and pink stripes.

'Oh no!' all the Swaggvillians cried, 'We'll have to do something to stop his tummy from dragging. So they got some wheels off a skateboard and fitted them to the bottom of his tummy. Mr. Stripey could do his rounds of the town again.

But one day something sad happened - Mr. Stripey collapsed right outside the Swaggeyville Library. People ran around saying 'Mr. Stripey's dead! Mr. Stripey's dead!' Everyone came to see. The Librarian, the Mayor, the dog catcher, all the children, all the parents. Mr. Stripey was horribly still. 'Yes he is dead!' they said. 'Oh poor Mr. Stripey'.

The mayor made a speech. 'We'll have to do something very special so that no one forgets the most wonderful dog who was ever alive.'

'Let's bury him in a gold coffin carved in the shape of Mr. Stripey and his big tummy and with the little wheels on the bottom,' said the Librarian. And that's what was done. A wonderful gold coffin was made and Mr. Stripey was put in it. It was carried to the cemetery and everyone was crying very loud. A girl said 'Heh ! Be quiet I can hear some crying from inside the coffin.'

Quickly, quickly they took the lid off and there, alive and well, was Mr. Stripey.

'He's not dead! He's alive! Hurray!'

They pulled him out and gave him some water and dog food and everyone cheered. The Mayor said 'I think we should put this gold coffin statue on display at the library in memory of the most wonderful dog who is still living.'

And if you go to Swaggeyville today you will still be able to see that gold statue right outside the library.

© 1993 Daryll Bellingham, Storyteller
(Mr. Stripey of Swaggeyville was created in an oral improvisation session
with the children attending story time at Logan City Marsden Branch Library, 22/1/93)

These stories are available for downloading for the purpose of reading and telling to others. If you do so, please tell people where you got the story.

If you would like to publish them or tell them as a means of earning an income please seek my permission. In some cases they are entirely my artistic creation, in some cases I have collaborated with others and in other cases adapted a traditional story.

Please contact me for more information.

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