Freddie the Teddy finds a new way to climb a tree
Once upon a time there was a girl called Arena.
She lived in Melbourne.
One day she was playing outside the house with her basketball when she heard a sound. "Raaaaahhhh!!"

She thought, "Aaaah. What's that?" She looked around and there was a little teddy bear going "Raaaahhh!!!"

Arena said, "Oh. Teddy Bear. What's the matter? What are you making all that noise for?"

The Teddy Bear said, "I've lost my owner. Wwwaaaahhhh."

"What's your owner's name?"

The Teddy Bear said, "It's Stevie and my name's Freddie. He was just taking me down the park but he went up on the slippery slide and went sliding down and then he didn't come back. He left me all alone. Wwwaaaahhhh!!"

"Freddie why don't you go back to the park and wait for Stevie to come back?"

He said, "No. I want to stay here and play basketball with you."

She said, "No. No. Stevie might be worried about you. You go back to the park."

Freddie the Teddy said, "Only if you take me."

"Yes all right. Let's go."

So they climbed through the hole in the fence. They clambered down the rocks. They walked along the footpath and when they got to the park, Freddie said, "There. There. There's the slippery slide."

They climbed up the top of the slippery slide . Up on the top of the slippery slide they found a little button. Freddie said, "Oh. Oh. It's off Steven's shirt. Wwwaaahh!"

Arena said, "Are you sure?"

Freddie said, "Yes. Yes. It is."

They slid down the slide - 'Weeeehhhh!!!'

Arena said, "A button. A button? What's Steven's button doing up on top of the slippery slide?"

"Maybe he was sliding down and it got caught on something."

Arena said, "Yes. Yes. Maybe. Let's have another look."

So they climbed up the ladder again and this time they saw something else - a note. Freddie the Teddy tried to read it but he couldn't because he'd never been to preschool so Arena said, "Give it to me. I'll read it."

It said, 'Dear Freddie. Where are you at the moment?"

"I'm at the top of the slippery slide. Where are you Steven?" he shouted really angrily.

They heard from right up the top of a tree, "I'm up here!"

"What are you doing up there Steven?"

He said, "When I was sliding down the slippery slide I got caught by the branch. It pulled my button off and went whooosssh and threw me flying up into the air. I grabbed hold of a tree branch and now I'm stuck up here. Heeelllllllpppp!!!"

Freddie the Teddy said, "What do you expect us to do? Who do you think we are Bay Watch or something?"

Arena said, "I know how we can get him down. All we have to do is go down the slide and the branch will throw us up in the air."

Freddie the Teddy and Arena sat down on the slide and let go. They went 'Weeeehhhh!' down the slide. The branch went 'Whooossshhh', grabbed them by their shirts and threw them into the air. They went flying up and landed in the top of the tree - 'Weeeeehhhhhh!!!'.

They said, "Here we are Steven. We're going to rescue you. Tadaaaahhhh!"

But Steven said, "How are you going to get down?"

Teddy said, "Aaaaahhhh!"

Just then they heard a sound from down below. It was Freddie the Teddy's Grandad.

He said, "Oh. What are you doing up there you silly bear?"

Freddie the Teddy said, "Grandad, Grandad. We're stuck."

So he climbed right up to the top of the tree. He reached out and grabbed hold of Freddie the Teddy, he grabbed hold of Stevie, he grabbed hold of Arena and climbed down the tree with them.

When they got down he gave Freddie the Teddy a good talking to. He said, "Now don't you go slipping and sliding near the tree branch again or you might get stuck up there for good next time."

Freddie the Teddy promised he'd be more careful next time and they all went back to Arena's place to play basketball.
('Freddie the Teddy finds a new way to climb a tree' was created in an improvisation session at Peregian Beach Kindergarten and Preschool on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia with preschool age children on 15th September, 1997. We had a great time creating the story and as soon as we finished the children were singing out "Another one. Another one." It is lots of fun creating new stories together. Illustrations in felt pen by Elektra, Nayna, Jackson and others.)

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