1st group suggested.

Nick saw the Scissors Man running through another door. The door crashed down. Nick ran over to the door and looked all over the wall and stepped on something which caused the door to open half way. Nick dived under the door before it crashed down again. This time the police didn't make it. Nick ran across some stepping stones across a boiling mud pool. The man saw Nick coming and started to run again with a large bag slung across his shoulder. The man slipped and as he tried to steady himself his scissors hand cuts open the bag and Teresa fell out. He stood on the third stone and his foot slipped and he fell into the pool. The last Nick saw of him was his scissors-hand melting away. Nick and Teresa walked free, got home safely and lived happily every after with their Giant Show Bags.

2nd Group suggested.

Nick found Teresa and they got out. The monster was still there with a family. They're all the same but they have different eyes, blue, green, red. One night years later Nick and Teresa are up late watching television when there's knock on the door. They go down to answer it and they are never seen again.

3rd Group suggested.

They accidentally stood on a button which caused a net to fall from the roof catching the bad guy. Nick and Teresa ran off happily.

4th Group suggested.

Nick got the policeman's foot out and hid the policeman behind a box. Nick crept forward to another box and looked around the side. He saw two people tied to a chair. One Chinese gal and a nerd with glasses. The Scissors Man went out to catch someone else. Nick jumped up and grabbed some scissors off the table, cut their ropes and cut them free. When the Scissors Man came back he found they weren't there and this time he hasn't got a child because one child ran off and cried for it's mother. The Scissors Man went out again. Just before the door closed again Nick and every one else jumped out before the door slammed shut and they lived happily ever after.

5th Group suggested.

They went into the room and followed the cave down into a room where they find seven girls all tied up in cages. All of their hair was cut off and put into a pot of boiling water. They untied them and tried to get away but the Scissors Man returned and tied them all up except for the police man who was hiding behind one of the cages. He used his mobile to contact the other police. They smashed down the wall with a demolition crane. All of them were free. They went home and they vowed that from that day on they would never go to the Ekka ever again.

6th Group suggested.

When Nick and the Police Officer started to explore they walked down a tunnel and saw some alien carcasses. They were like a whole heap of rubbish clotted together. They were all green. One sight of the aliens and the Police Officer got scared and started to back out of the room. Nick grabbed the officer's gun from his holster and walked past the aliens and into the next room and saw the Scissors Man. Nick shot him with his gun and found Teresa . As they came out of the tunnel into the street they saw a UFO take off. They went back into the room but there was nothing there - the aliens were gone.

7th Group suggested.

When the police man came with Nick they came to this big opening filled with a bright light. They went in there and they could see about seventy cages and about twenty of them were filled with girls with half of their hair cut off. They walked through a door and through an infrared sensor which set off an alarm. The girls shouted out "Go to the corner. Go to the corner." Nick ran to the corner that the girls were pointing to. The policeman stayed in the centre of the room looking at one of the cages.

The Scissors Man appeared and the policeman reached for his gun but it wasn't there. He reached for his baton but one of the girls had taken it and was banging on the cage with it. The Scissors grabbed the policeman and pulled him into a cage and cut half off his hair off. Just then all the other police burst into the cage and surrounded the Scissors Man. The Policeman took off the Scissors Man's mask and half of his face was burnt. Nick says "Hey. Teresa's not here." They all searched the room. Nick found another room where in a cage hanging from the roof is Teresa with half of her hair cutoff. Nick grabbed a rock and bangs on the cage and gets Teresa out. The cops takes the Scissors Man to gaol.

Two years later Nick and Teresa were home watching TV while their mum and dad have gone out saying not to open the door to anyone. They hear a knock on the door . Nick goes down and opens the door and the Scissors Man is standing there. He screams and turns to run. Teresa runs in saying 'What's wrong. What's wrong." Nick turns around to point but there is no one there. They ran outside and looked up and down the street in the rain but this guy has gone.

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