The Flying Anzac Biscuit
She ran down the stairs to the hole in the wall and looked at it. Then she stepped back and some how tripped over a ginormous Anzac biscuit ten times the size of her. It looked a bit like a flying sorser except it had no aliens inside it.

She stepped into it and started to inspect it. Then she sat down inside and was determined to find her Sambo even if it took a week. She quickly got Courtney who was still crying about her new boogie board and didn't even care about Sam. Of course sisters like her never cared.

Then with a bit of a jerk they were off. A big door opened and they were suddenly they were inside the wall trying to dodge the most enormous tarantulas. It took them a while. Then suddenly out of the blue Courtney spied an island. For some reason she couldn't keep her eyes off the island. As they drew closer Courtney realised someone was on the island. She noticed that it was her brother.

So her mother put on the brakes and they got out onto the island. You should of seen the look on Sam's face as he saw his very own mother and sister once again. He felt a little angry with himself though because he knew he had broken his sister's Christmas present. So they decided to get back in to the giant biscuit and fly home. Lucky they where just in time for dinner.

Created by Elena from St Peters Junior School

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