The Boogie Board Beginning
You know strange things happen in ordinary places and a story I heard the other day as I was talking to a year five boy in the play ground at St Peters Junior School at Indooroopilly is a good example.

His name is Sam and he was telling me about when, in year 1, he lost his two front teeth and had an adventure he didn’t really want to repeat. At the time Sam was a pretty wild boy. He did all sorts of daring things like jumping off the front verandah into the garden and extreme stunts on his BMX. One day though he over did it. He decided to try boogie boarding down the back steps. He went down to the garage to find his boogie board but his was in two bits so he grabbed his sister Courtney’s instead.

Sam took it up to the top of the stairs, put it in position, lay down on top of it and announced, “Extreme Sports Boogie Boarding run 1 by Sam about to launch, five, four, three, two, one, Green Light, Go!”

Sam pushed hard with his hands and feet, launched himself off the top step and zoomed down the stairs like a streak of lightning. He leant into the corner half way down but he was going so fast that he lost his balance. Sam and the boogie board crashed into the wall and, with a tree splitting bang, went straight through it and disappeared.

Sam’s sister Courtney heard the bang, looked down the stairs, saw the hole and the end of her boogie board sticking out and said, “On no Sam! That was my best boogie board.”

She ran to their mother, “Sam broke my best boogie board, Mum. It’s sticking out of the hole in the wall he made and he’s disappeared.”

Sam’s mum followed Courtney down the hall to the back steps and looked down. Sure enough there was the boogie board and it was sticking out of a hole in the wall. “Oh Sam, what have you done now?”

She got down those steps almost as fast as Sam did but when she looked into the hole Courtney was right. She couldn’t see Sam anywhere. All she could see in the gloom of the cavity was two of Sam’s teeth lying in the dust next to an old tennis ball and some dead insects.

“Sam! Where are you? Come out Sam! Now!”

“Oh Sam, what have you done this time?” she said to herself as she ran up the stairs two at a time and along the hall to the phone in the kitchen. She dialled Sam’s father’s work number but a strange voice answered and looking at the number display on the phone she realised that she had dialled the wrong number in her rush.

She was just saying, “Oh, I’m sorry to trouble you, I must have dialled the wrong number,” when she heard another voice over the phone.

“Oh, my head, where am I?” She got a shock because it sounded like Sam’s voice.

“Sam? Sam? Are you there?” but the phone went dead as the someone on the other end hung up.

Sam’s mum scribbled down the number she rang by mistake.
Created during a whole class improvisation exercise.

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