The Sweet Closet Adventure
I know a place where the buildings are the shape of hexagons. The grass is blue as the sky and the river is that colour of very ripe berries, that very dark purple colour.

Now you probably think that this is weird. I agree but the way I got there was weirder. I was just looking in the big brown boring closet for some clothes when the wind blew the door shut. ‘Simple just open the door,’ I thought, but no it wiiirrred and buzzed and then I found myself in this strange place.

The grass in the forests tasted like mint but outside the forest it didn't. The people were the colour of strawberry red. The fortress tasted like chocolate. The dirt tasted like sugar.

I made my way to the exit after eating as much as I could. I could smell rotten egg. Weird shaped planes the colour of eerie green were dropping eggs on the city. The buildings covered in egg yolk.

I thought of going in to the forest. There was a sign saying ‘loppy land sugar forest’. Then I saw the planes come towards me. I made a dash for the big chocolate cake with the time machine under it so I could get away from this loppy place. When I got back home the machine broke because I think it was over used but I still wish I could go back.

Siegfried from St Peters Junior School

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