The Eagle's Scream

Once there was a boy named Sam he was always doing wild things like
Off the veranda every day. He was as naughty as a lion and as wild as
A monkey. One day he was playing on his sisters boogie board, using it
Slide down the stairs.

He loved doing that but then, when he was going down, he slipped
As if he was on ice and went "bang" right into the wall. He blacked
out because it was a very hard bang.
He woke up he woke up in about a half hour it was all black. He didn't
know were he was.
His sister came in crying out, "What was that noise?"

"Oh! My gosh my boogie board is broken," she wondered. "Who did it?"
Courtney saw a big hole through the wall. Their mom wasn't at home
With them so Courtney ran upstairs as if someone was chasing her and
Called the police. She said, "My bogie board is broken." Courtney was
Panicking. The police hung up because she just keeps on repeating the
same thing over and over again. Courtney went away crying

Sam couldn't see at all because he was some were underground. He kept
on walking. Then he saw some things that
Were glowing they were glow worms since Sam was a very silly boy he
went up to them and touched them the glow worms were all gooey he took
his hand off and there was all these worms on him. The ground was all
black he could not see a thing on the ground. They basically glowed up
the whole place so now he could see just a bit Better.

He took one step and dropped strait down. There was a big hole. He
On his leg. When Sam looked up it was all-bright. He landed in his
Yard. It was very weird. Sam saw a basketball and started playing with

His mom didn't get back till late at night. Courtney was in the
House all alone with her dog Barkly. Sam wasn't good at basketball so
Finally he went inside. His sister Courtney was watching her favourite
Show on TV. Sam just went into the TV room and sat down. Courtney
"Where have you been? Have been playing basketball all that time?"

"Yes I guess so," said Sam.

When their mum got home at 8:30pm Courtney told her the story and she
Screamed with anger like an eagles scream. She sent Sam to his room.
The next day Sam's mom paid 205 dollars.
Created Alexandra from St Peters Junior School

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