Kookie Hills
I know a place where the trees are green and round and the sea is blue and loud. There are monkeys all over this land and I can hear so many birds fluttering round in the trees, that whenever I wake up in the morning I hear the birds' sweet musical sounds. There are birds of all different colours. There are black birds and blue birds. There are yellow birds and purple birds, red, and green birds, there's even one with all the colours of the rainbow. That's my favourite bird of them all.

I love playing in the springs where you are able to have a peaceful swim with only small splashes from the glittering waterfall that sparkles all day and night. The huts are beautiful. Their roofs are made out of smooth paperbark. Some of the huts are put on stilts high above the clear calm water.

The food is wonderful and there is really fresh fruit. There are mangoes, bananas, peaches and, one of the best, apples. The people here have wings and they fly around gracefully landing on your shoulder every now and then to have a daily talk. They have teeth that glitter like crystals in a cave. Their smiles are as wide as a banana.

When I first came here a small creature appeared in front of me before I could even say a word. He was not fat. He was not thin. He was strangely, just right. He said, "Welcome to Kookie Hills. I am the leader of the Kookies and I am glad you are here," joyfully bouncing up to see my face.

I finally decided to bend down and, fearfully, I said, "H-H-Hel-Hello. I-I-I a-am L-L-L-Lisa."

The elf creature started to get very excited at my appearance. "Don't be afraid," I said, "Do you have a reservation for me?"

He quickly clicked fingers and there appeared a small book with a pen the size of a baby worm. He flicked through the magical pages scanning each column one by one. Finally he looked up and said, "Well I can't find you in here and what are you?"

I said I was a human and I had nowhere to live. I started sobbing bitterly hoping he would say yes and that I would be allowed to stay there. Thankfully he did and I've been back to my special place many times.

Gabrielle from St Peters Junior School

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