Mum with a mission
Sam's mum ran past Courtney who was patting her boogie board and sayingto it, "Don't worry, I'll protect you now."

Sam's mum had no time to worry about Courtney now. Sam's mum was on a mission and was determined to find Sam even if she had to run across a football field naked to get him she would do it. She ran down the stairs to her wardrobe when a smell met her nose. It was like rotten chicken soup that had been sitting there for days. She wondered if it was Sam's deodorant however she realised that he had refused to wear it and had thrown it in the bin.

She went to her wardrobe and looked for her army suit (she had worn it to a dress up party, but now it had better uses.) She found it and put it on, then she went to the phone and called her best friend, Annie Schultz. Annie was very tall. Her elegant body was as slim as a giraffe's neck and her arm's and legs were almost the same. She had very pale skin, which made her eyes look very dark even though they were blue. She had quite a big head so she had a lot of room to think, (that's probably why she was so smart.)

She came in. She had her army suit on just like Sam's mum. Sam's mum went to the phone and rang the police, however the police thought she was mad and they surrounded the house. However she didn't know that, so she rang the phone number she had rung earlier that morning, she rang, it was an answering machine and, luckily for her, it told her the address of the place and how to get there. She breathed freely now she knew the address. It was 12 Dark Ally Way so she would go down that afternoon and save her little boy. She then asked Annie if she would like a cup of tea. She opened the window for some fresh air. When she saw the police she was so mad she ran out of the house screaming.

The police were after her, she ran down the street and into an ally way, she leaned up against the wall and watched the police run past. After the police had run past the ally way she turned to walk down it when dreadful smells met her nose, it was like rotten chicken soup that had been sitting there for days and days. She looked around to see where the smell was coming from when she saw a door with 12 Dark Ally Way on the front. She was so excited she almost yelled for joy but stopped herself just in time to listen to a noise that came from inside the house.

It was a man's voice and it was talking to what was probably a boy by the way he was talking. He said, "Now that we've got you we will hold you for ransom until your mummy and daddy come and pay the price and if they don't then I will use my secret weapon on you." Then the little boy shouted, "No. Don't please! Not that horrible smell." The boy’s voice was drowned out by a high, cold laugh. Sam's mum never heard that she had already broken down the door. As she charged in she smelled the smell she had smelt earlier, but now there was no time to think about the smell, she started kicking and punching the man until he had no teeth left.

When she had finished with him she looked up at the child and realised that it was Sam in front of her. She hugged and kissed him and then carried him out into the Ally Way and almost ran into someone. She looked up to say sorry when she saw it was Annie. She said, "Why are you down here?" and Annie replied, "To look for you of course." Sam's mum gave her a hug and they started to walk back home.

However the police caught up with and arrested Sam's mum. They were just about to go off to goal when the man from no.12 came out and started to look for Sam. He was shouting, "Where is he? Where is he? Where is the boy that I kidnapped from that house?" and, talk about bad luck, as the police were wondering what was happening all the other kids he had kidnapped ran out after him. The police were forced to let Sam's mum go. Instead they arrested the man from no. 12 and carried him off to goal howling his last words "I'll be back to a home near you."

They were just about home when Courtney ran up saying, "Where have you been? Dinner’s supposed to be ready and you’re all out having fun." They all laughed and Courtney who didn't get the joke just stood there with her hands on her hip's frowning. After they got home, Sam's mum got dinner ready and they sat down to eat, this was a perfect time to tell them how he got from the hole in the wall to the house in the lane. So he told them that the man had been walking around in that area wondering who he should kidnapped next when Sam just flew into his arm's from the hole in the wall, so now that he had Sam he ran off and knocked him out so he wouldn't make a noise.

Then Sam finally got to the part that he wanted say and this is what he said " Mum, Mrs Schultz I think you should get a job as rescuing boys and girls from those kind of men." Well Sam's mum and Annie were very flattered and they did start a business called the Body Re-snatchers. So from that day on boys and girls were safe.

Created by Maddie from St Peters Junior School

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