Sam's mum hung up the phone and a tear rolled off her face onto the desk. She went to the
kitchen table and sat there for minutes on end.

Suddenly she grabbed the phone and rang that same number and said, "Sam can you hear me?"

In a low groaning voice Sam said, "OUCH!"

"Sam where are you?"

"Mum, I'm down here. When I crashed through the wall, I fell right to the bottom. Can you get the ladder mum?"

"Hey Courtny I don't think the board even has a Scratch."

Courtny stopped crying at once. When Sam's mum came back with the ladder Sam climbed up and said, "Can I do it again Mum?"

"NO!!!" said Sam's mum but, as soon as she went, Sam got back on the board and did it again.

Created Alexandra from St Peters Junior School

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