The Secret World

I know a place that no one else knows of. It's a secret world where the fruit and trees are rainbow striped and the food is all candy and chocolate. There are no schools. There's no work and it's all play. Guess how I found it.

Yesterday I was swinging on some vines and I saw a little monkey. He was with a bug. He was eating it. I went up to the monkey and said, "Does it taste good?"

"Yeah," said the monkey with his mouth full.

Next I asked, "Is this the land of Lollies and Chocolate, or am I going to die because I ate a tasty leaf?"

The monkey was finishing his bug and selecting a bottle green caterpillar that was waving his arms around in a protective manner.

I said to the monkey, "I asked you a question are you going to answer it?

"What was the question?" the monkey asked .

"Is this the land of Lollies and Chocolate?"

"Yes," the monkey answered, "and the town is over there."

I looked where the monkey was pointing and there were about forty ginger bread houses. I started running towards the town but all of a sudden a big lolly appeared! I started to eat through the lolly, I had to get to the houses. Finally I was finished but I had a stomach-ache. I felt too sick to eat any more.

Unfortunately, around about then, I woke up and found it was all a dream! Though I have noticed something very weird, my blanket looks like it has been bitten many times over and over again.

Created by Lyndal from St Peters Junior School

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