The Time Mijigy
Sam's mum walked hurriedly down to the computer. She logged on to the Internet and entered the URL for Yellow Pages dot COM. She typed in the phone number down and waited as the address appeared. ‘The Mucully family’ appeared in the main box. "What? That was my family name when I was a kid!" she exclaimed.

Later on Sam's mum was still thinking about how to get Sam back. "I've got it!" She yelled joyfully. "I'll build a time machine. I have the right tools and I know how to build it because I went to TAFE and did a course on engineering."

Two days later she had finished a new time machine. It had a blue oval shaped body, with two rough baseball bat arms, a tripod of roller skate legs, a football launcher for protection, a spatula and a TV antenna for ears and it also had a semicircular window with two small spy holes above. The lower screen in the window had lots of buttons and a metallic red Nintendo controller for control. “I’ll call it a time mijigy,” said Sam's mum. Then she was off in her time mijigy.

Courtney got worried so she went to her friends house to play.

‘This would be handy for cleaning,’ Sam's mum thought to herself. She pressed the start button on the controller. “3,2,1” the count down speaker said, “LIFT OFF!” An excited but worried mum set off on her journey. She turned the switch back 30 years in time.

In 32 mins and 43 secs she was back in time to Adelaide in 1971 to seek her son Sam. Sam's mum was thinking back to when she was a young. She was a bit of a prankster, not bullying prankster, just practical jokes like: putting pepper on potatoes instead of salt and many more pranks.

Her time machine crashed in to the bushes where know one would find the machine. She went to her street called 43 Fimlow Street where she lived when she was a kid. Sam's mum knocked on the old oak door that was faded and rough because of its old texture. Then a little girl with brown hair like a grizzly bears soft fur opened the door. She had smooth olive skin a small nose she also small eye brows a little bit apart from each other. She had small blue eyes like rough water rapids and as clear as the sky on a perfect day. She also had white teeth like snow. With rose red lips and she smelt like a lovely garden.

"Wow! She looks like me when I was young," Sam's mum thought to her self.

“Hello,” said the girl with a sweet smile.

“Hello,” Sam's mum replied. “Have you seen a boy about your age?”

“Yes,” the girl said. “He appeared in my bedroom last night but, once the phone rang, he sped out the window. Before that he said something about his head hurting.”

Sam's mum was curious so she said, "What did this boy look like?"

"Well he had brown hair that stuck up at the front like a mountain face. He had hazel coloured eyes. He had a lot of muscle and was pretty tall he also had rough tanned skin that had a bit of hair on it."

"Thank you," Sam's mum said as she was leaving. She went to the Mucully's, her great aunt’s house, Sam would be there of course. She was right. Their Sam was eating chips at a table. Mrs Mucully was sitting there at the table surprised.

"Sorry," Sam's mum said, "This is my boy."

"Oh," the lady said, "I let him in because he was so polite."

Sam wasn't worried but happy to see her.

"Hi mum," he said nicely. For about 20 mins the adults were chatting and Sam was playing in the back yard.

"This has been nice meeting you. See you in a while. Lets go Sam "

"Okaladokalala," replied Sam. Sam asked his mum,"How are we going to get back?"

"I built a time machine," Sam's mum replied.

"Cool!" said Sam.

"Well I'm still pretty hungry" said Sam's mum"

“I'm famished," said Sam.

In a few minutes they were back. Coincidentally Courtney was back too. "I'm going to kill you Sam. Give me back my boogie board or else."

"I, I, I, I, broke it," murmured Sam.

"I AM REALLY GOING TO KILL YOU THIS TIME!" Yelled Courtney, chasing Sam around with a large spade in her hands. Before dinner Sam was a bit battered and bruised because of being hit by a spade a lot.'

At night they sat down to a nice roast dinner.

"What was with the wall Sam?" asked Sam's mum.

"I don't Know it was some sort of a time portal. Why don't we just fill it in?" said Sam

"I guess we'll have to but never go boogie boarding down those stairs again" said Sam's mum in a stern voice.

"Okay," said Sam in a disappointed voice.

By Spud and Gabriel from St Peters Junior School

Created by Spud and Gabriel from St Peters Junior School

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