The Fun Fair






It was a Sunday afternoon, and Adam Roberts was at the Fun Fair. Adam had just bought a $5.00 ice cream cone with his three favourite flavours - chocolate, strawberry and peppermint. Adam opened his mouth. The saliva was dripping down as he moved his mouth closer to the delicious tasting ice cream cone.

He took a enormous mouthful expecting a cold sweet taste but instead  he felt a fluffy fabric.

He opened his eyes to see a large bight mark in his pillow case. Then Adam looked around his room and spotted his black clock radio. In big, bold, red digits it read 7:03.

Then Adam heard his mother call out, "Time for school Adam!" Adam with ice cream on his chin.

It was just 7 o'clock on a Monday morning. Adam must of dreamt it all up. But did he? As he went for a nice warm shower he noticed in the mirror that there was a small drop of multi-coloured ice cream on his chin.

Anonymous 11 year old.
Copyright, 1999.
All rights reserved.

Photo - Simon Avery ©




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