When we were in Sydney we had cattle dog named Stormy. My daughter Linda was at the Sydney fruit and vegetable markets, and saw a woman with two Drakes. She was just dispatching one for a customer and Linda said to herself ‘If that other duck (not knowing yet it was a drake) is still there when I return, I will buy it’.

The drake had still survived by the time she had returned, so she bought it.

"Do you want me to wring its neck" said the woman.

"No, I’m buying it to save its life".

She had it in the garden for some time but it started to jump on her two year old daughter’s back and peck her little, fat neck, so she asked me to give it a home, which I did , reluctantly.

However it became attached to our dog Stormy. It would sleep in his kennel and everywhere the dog went, so did Donald the drake. One day I left the front and back doors open, and Stormy plus Donald went through and into the road. Directly I realised they had gone, I rushed to the corner, looking right and left, to see if I could see them.

A man going by said, "Are you looking for a duck chasing a dog?"

I said, "Yes but the duck was not chasing him, but trying to keep up with him".

Just imagine the dog stopping at every lamppost and the duck (drake) patiently standing by until he started to trot off again. I ran to the next corner, and saw a woman.

"Have you seen a dog and duck (drake)?"

"Yes" she said. "A woman in that house there came out and grabbed the duck (drake) and took it into her house."

Well, I knocked on the door, and rather a grim faced woman appeared. "You have my duck (drake)", I said.

Well, she looked really cross, probably picturing 'Roast Duck', and very reluctantly fetched Donald. I took him home and popped him back in the kennel with Stormy.

Peggy Berry,
Copyright, 1999.
All rights reserved.


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