Susie Gumnut

Susie Gumnut is her name.
There she goes aracing by.
Her mother was from Karamea,
The mighty Rockwell was her sire.

A bay, white star between the eyes,
Long lean body pacing low.
Ears pricked high to hear the beat
Of other pacers on the go.

To catch and race past is her aim.
To keep ahead and beat them all.
To please her boss and make her glad.
So not to sell her in the fall.

She raced at Fairfield track one day.
Sat in the death right to the bend.
They couldn't head her in the straight
She proudly won right at the end.

But in giving all it's sad to say.
Her poor week leg was wracked with pain.
No more racing for this girl.
We'll send her to the Maple Lane.

A lush green paddock to spend her days.
Little offsprings prancing too.
Her prodigy will follow on.
Oh! Standardbreeds I'm proud of you.

Alice Berry

wining.jpg (14100 bytes)

The author and one of her winning pacers.


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