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Chasing Rainbows

Melissa's house is really welcoming, with huge garden beds around it and a little wire fence. A pebbly pathway winds through the garden beds which have brightly coloured flowers all around. There is a pagoda that creaks and sounds like it's about to fall down any minute.

Melissa looked very pretty as she sat in the sun with her brown eyes, dark skin and long black hair which shone like black ink. I, on the other hand, have brown hair, bluey green eyes the colour of the Pacific Ocean and white skin.

One day, when I was at her house, sitting under the pagoda in the backyard, I was playing with her dog, Butch. A screeching parrot flew down and started eating the dog biscuits out of the dog's bowl.

For a moment, we were silent with shock. As I got closer, I saw the parrot had amazingly strange bright colours. The parrot looked as if he was enjoying himself, but Melissa's dog looked furious. He chased the parrot around the garden and got really dizzy, but the parrot continued munching the biscuits. When he finished them, he flew away, screeching. He looked like a rainbow with all of his marvellous colours gleaming in the sun.

Butch chasing the rainbow coloured bird.
Lino cut print of Butch chasing the bird by a student from Park Ridge.

Next day I went back to Melissa's house to see if the rainbow parrot would come back. He did the same as last time, but Butch couldn't be bothered chasing him. After the bird ate all of the biscuits, he said "Currumbin Sanctuary! AARRR!! Currumbin Sanctuary. Up!"

Melissa and I said "Oh my gosh, he can talk!" "Let's take him back," I said. So, we called Currumbin Sanctuary and after an hour or two, a big white van pulled up outside the house.

A skinny man in white overalls came to the door and we said, "We think we may have your bird."

"Well, I'll be! It's Kita, the star of the environmental program. Thank you so much. I think you deserve a reward."

So, Melissa and I got $50.00 each, and Butch got a packet of dog biscuits.

The man said, "I suppose you're wondering why I have these. Well, you see, we keep them handy because Kita loves them and he's always hungry."

"Yes, we've noticed," we replied.

Author - student from Park Ridge.

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This story was created during a two day literary project
at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia
to celebrate World Environment Day.

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