For Green Eyes Only A Possum's Rights 

In the damp place in the Environmental Park, lived a quiet, sleepy ring-tailed possum.  He lived up the gum tree that was surrounded by cool, quiet surroundings.  The gum tree was the tallest and the most beautiful in all the bush.  He had a hole which was warm and cosy.  The possum was an independent sort of animal, who spent his days sleeping, and his nights eating and playing.  The possum was happy with his life.  His name was Ringlet and he was furry, cute and dry, and he got his name from having a huge ringlet on his tail.  He was also a little on the chubby side because he was rather lazy.  

Up in the school  was a teacher who was as skinny as a stick, and who was as grumpy as a wild pig.  He would get grumpy over anything that was out of the usual routine.  The teacher's name was Jim.  He was writing a letter to the council to get rid of the park, because he hated the smell and the spiders who spun their webs in front of his pathway. 

When night came and Jim went home, Ringlet went out for his usual feast of gum blossoms.  He met up with other possums who were chatting about Jim.  Ringlet, who was older and a bit hard of hearing, thought Jim was the nice type. 

Ringlet the possum hanging by his tail from a gum tree branch.
Foamcore board monoprint of Ringlet by Alana.

As dawn broke, Ringlet lay sleeping in his cosy little hole.  The next day, the council rang Jim and said they were coming to knock down all of the trees.  At lunchtime, the council workers set up their chainsaws and revved up their bulldozers.  At 2.30 they started work. 

All the noise woke Ringlet up and he got such a fright that he fell out the tree and landed on the blade of the bulldozer.  He was so frightened, he turned as white as a ghost.  He soon recovered and scampered up to the driver and on top of his helmet.  The driver got such a fright because Jim had said that no animals lived in this bushland.  He made all of the workers stop work immediately and they went and saw Jim at work.  The council then sued Jim for telling lies and not protecting the local environment.  The mayor declared the bushland a protected place and everyone was happy except Jim who got fired.

By Alana from Regents Park State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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