For Green Eyes Only

Computer coloured foamboard monoprint of snake by Naumi from Browns Plains State School.
Computer coloured foamcore board monoprint
by Naumi from Browns Plains State School.


Students from Regents Park, Park Ridge, Yugumbir, Greenbank, Browns Plains and Boronia Heights State Primary Schools were selected to work with Daryll Bellingham, storyteller, and Narelle Oliver, author/illustrator, for a day of creative writing, illustrating and publishing on Monday the 7th of June, 1999.  

Here are their stories and illustrations.   


     Friends Forever 

     Falling, Falling. 

     A Possum's Rights 

     Hooked With Fishing Line 

     Esmeralda's Battle 

     The Fast Turtle 

     Possums On the Run

     The Koala-napper

     The Slime Attack

     The Web

     Platypus Rock Pool

     Lucy the Brown Koala


     The Magic Fish

     Please Be Quiet

     Paralysed by Fear

     Poss and Flutterbye

     Snakes, Bullies and Bulldozers

     How Kookaburra Got His Laugh

     Chaos at the Creek

     The Monstrous Look

     The Possum and Me


     Sarah and the Snake

     The Big Catastrophe


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Page Design Copyright Daryll Bellingham, 1999. All rights reserved. Copyright of the individual stories rests with the student authors and illustrators who created them. Computer coloured foamboard monoprint of snake at top of page was created by Nawmi. 

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