For Green Eyes Only Possums on the Run 
One day a grey and white possum was sitting in a tree. All the trees around him made a different shape, some were funny, some were scary and some were odd. The place was nice and quiet, UNTIL one day a bulldozer's roaring noise hit the air.

It was a terrible smashing noise that went high pitched every ten minutes, so the mother possum went to check on her babies to see if they were all right. However she found that they were GONE!

Possum looking worried.
Computer coloured foamcore board monoprint of Possum by Carolyn.

She jumped down the tree and she forgot about the bulldozer as she set out on a journey to find her three babies. First she asked her friend Snake if he had seen the possums and she said no, so she asked her friend owl and owl also said No. She kept walking until she got to the zoo.

There she found one baby possum on the entrance so she picked him up and kept walking. Next she walked to the museum and she walked into the dinosaur section and there was a baby possum wrapped around T-Rex. The mother picked her up and they went looking for the third baby.

They walked into the forest again and they found her with her friend koala so they all went home and their tree was still there. The bulldozer was squashed under a huge eucalyptus tree so it was very quiet. The people never came back to threaten the forest again.

By Carolyn from Boronia Heights State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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