For Green Eyes Only The Slime Attack 
In Boronia bushland there is a small swampy area with little fish that swim around in schools. Old decaying logs have fallen down over it and created bridges for animals like wallabies and peacocks.

Frog on a lily pad in the creek.
Computer coloured foamcore board monoprint of frog by Chris.

One day a Green Tree Frog hopped out from the swamp weeds and was surprised to see a human. Suddenly the frog felt himself trapped and he started to jump around in panic, thumping on the walls of a plastic container. Finally he found an opening and escaped.

Outside he saw the human in baggy green clothes and the frog jumped on the person and climbed up her back. Next he jumped onto her head and she screamed and started to run around in panic and up the slippery bank. The frog couldn't hang on and fell down inside the back of her shirt.

The girl started to scream louder and louder. Suddenly sirens filled the air. Someone had heard the girl's screams and had called the police. When they arrived, the girl was still screamingand running around madly.

One of the police officers grabbed her and said, "What's wrong?!"

"There's something down my back!" she screamed. The police officer peered down the back of her shirt and carefully grabbed the culprit and put it on the ground.

The girl didn't even stay to say thank you but raced home to have a shower and to wash away the frog slime!!! The frog hopped back into the swamp weeds beside the decaying logs and small fish swam around in schools.

By Chris from Boronia Heights State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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