For Green Eyes Only The Big Catastrophe  
One bright warm sunny day in one of the tallest gum trees in the wonderful green rainforest at Yugumbir State School sat a big fat grey mother Koala with her baby Koala curled up in her pouch. They looked so comfortable up in the tree. When the bell rang for school to begin, I ran back to my classroom. My teacher, Mr Musch was writing some sums up on the board for us to complete. When I was about to begin, there was a sudden message over the intercom that there was an emergency parade. So I put down my pencil and stood up and walked down to the parade area.

Miss Ross, my Principal, was already down there waiting. I sat down. I was beginning to get worried. Miss Ross looked upset.

"When everyone's here I will begin" said Miss Ross. 

"Everyone's here" yelled one of the teachers.  So Miss Ross began talking.  She said that the tallest gum tree had to be chopped down.  None of the teachers knew about the big fat grey koala and her baby koala. 

I put up my hand and said, "When will they be chopping down the tree?" 

"Now" Miss Ross said. 

"NOW" I yelled, and I got up and ran to the rainforest.  I saw the bulldozer trying to get underneath the tall tree. 

I yelled out "STOP".  The bulldozer driver just sat there and looked at me as if I was stupid.  I yelled out "STOP" one more time.  He slowed down, then he finally stopped. 

He said, "What do you think you're doing".  "There is a helpless little koala up there and her baby.  Please don't chop down that tree.  If you have to chop that tree down then  get the koalas out of it", I said.  

"Listen here I'm not the RSPCA.  I don't care about stupid animals" said the cranky driver, and he continued to chop down the tree.

"Look at the sad face of the mother koala" I thought to myself, so I ran and started to climb up the tree so the driver might stop.  But he didn't stop.  So I grabbed the koala and jumped down to the ground, and the koalas lived. 

So then I ran back to parade and said "I saved the koalas".  And we found a nice home for them out in the bush.

By Courtney from Yugumbir State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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