For Green Eyes Only Falling, Falling.  
Early one evening at the muddy, polluted creek behind Regents Park State School a young tree frog named Dilly was climbing around a tall green eucalyptus tree. He climbed to the very top and let the warm evening sun set on his soft, wet back. Dilly was really enjoying himself when suddenly he sensed danger.

Dilly turned around to see a long, brown, slender tree snake slowly slithering towards him. Dilly's heart pounded. He didn't know what to do. He was frozen stiff.

The snake inched closer an closer. Dilly still didn't know what to do. He looked down to see another snake exactly the same as the one coming for him from the other direction. Oh NO! No matter what Dilly did, whether he jumped or stayed, he would get eaten.

Without a thought Dilly jumped. He didn't know what made him but he jumped. Dilly was falling, falling to his doom. He was scared, really scared. Like I would be if I was falling off a tall skyscraper.

Dilly the frog.
Foamcore board monoprint of Dilly by Danielle.

Dilly landed with a small thud. He turned and looked all around him. He was in a small warm pool of a big, brown crow's nest fern, with large tongue like leaves that curled down to the heart. Dilly was hidden! The snakes searched for ages but they never found Dilly. It was pitch black when the two snakes finally left. Dilly was safe once again.  

By Danielle from Regents Park State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia. 
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