For Green Eyes Only Sarah and the Snake 
It was a beautiful sunny day down at Logan River. Not too hot but not too cold. Just right, thought Sarah as she made her way down the steep, sandy path that led to the river bank.She chose a large, flat rock by the water and sat down, dangling her feet in the cool water that had formed a puddle around the bottom of the rock.

For some reason, her eyes were drawn to a great, big hollow log on the other side of the river. Sitting upon the end of the log was a fat frog. The frog spotted a big mozzie flying around in front of him and his long tongue just spat out and grabbed it. This all happened so quickly that the mozzie had no idea what was going on. Suddenly, a long, skinny Green Tree Snake appeared behind the frog. As it slowly slithered its way up the log, it was clear that this poor frog was going to become somebody's lunch.

The snake had a determined look in his eyes, not an evil one, just one that said, "I'm hungry and I want my lunch." But just as the snake was about to overpower the frog it jumped in the creek.

With a soft 'plop' it landed and started swimming away like a marathon swimmer who just had to finish his race. The snake, who looked frusterated and defeated, turned and started making his way accross the log.

Sarah watched fascinated at the slow and beautiful movements of the snake, when suddenly, the peaceful scene was interrupted by two boys running down the same sandy path that Sarah herself had arrived on. The boy who seemed to be in charge, spotted the snake coiled up on the log and immediately moved in for a closer look. The other boy, Sarah noticed, stood back tense and afraid at the sight of the snake.

The leader picked up a stick and beckoned him over but he stayed where he was, too afraid to move any closer. The leader watched him with narrow eyes then finally gave up, turning only to annoy the snake with the stick he held in his hand. Sarah jumped up, livid with anger (you could see this bvy the small veins popping up on her face) and shouted, "Leave him alone!" And with that she pushed him in the creek.

The boy who had hung back, now loosened up and started laughing until his friend swam up to the surface with a look of anger and pure embarrassment on his face and the two boys left, never to return again. Sarah went back to her place on the rock and the snake went back to his place on the log. Then that was the end of that.

Hope and the snake.
Foamcore board monoprint on coloured paper by Hope.

By Hope from Greenbank State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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