For Green Eyes Only The Fast Turtle 
In a forest there was a turtle. His name was Tommy. The turtle said to his friends, "I am faster than you!" All the animals laughed and said, "No you are not."

"I am so, " said Tommy and the animals stared arguing about who was the fastest.

Tommy the Turtle.
Computer coloured foamcore board monoprint of Tommy by Kimberley.

Finally Tommy said, "Okay we will have a race and prove that I am faster."

Tim said,"But I have a broken leg." So they decided to wait until Tim's leg was better before they had the race.

Finally the race day arrived. They were just about to start the race when a terrible smell hit the air and they were all gasping for breath. The race was put off until the next day.

The next day arrived and they lined up for the race. BANG went the starters gun and all the animals raced to the finish line. Tommy was coming last and the other animals started to take it a little slower. Before they knew what was happening Tommy had caught up and they were neck in neck to the finish line. Tommy was a long necked turtle and as the line approached he stretched out his neck further and further and it was Tommy's nose which crossed the line first! Tommy won the race!

All the other animals were amazed, but they never argued with Tommy after that.

by Kimberely from Browns Plains State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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