For Green Eyes Only  Paralysed by Fear 
The snake moves slightly under the hot morning sun. His diamond back glistens softly in the blinding light. A forked tongue flicks in and out of his fanged mouth. Silently his eyes open, gleaming evily, darting from side to side in apprehension and fear. Sensing no danger he slides quietly off the rock he was on, unnoticed by the other bush animals.

Diamond backed snake slithering.
Foamcore board monoprint of the snake by Kylie.

Slightly to the left a small bush rat scampers over the leaves, starting and stopping in its natural fearful way. Slithering gently over the camouflaging fallen leaves, the snake approaches his prey with quiet caution so as not to scare it. Once directly behind the rat he opens his vicious jaws wide and in one terrifying bite he swallows the defenceless rodent. His first meal in five days. 

Settling down under the leaf litter, the satisfied snake yawns and sets to work digesting his meal, falling asleep in the process. All around him birds call, and the distant sound of frogs croaking through the trees can be heard faintly, adding to the peaceful serenity of the bush.

Suddenly the snake is woken by the sound of voices and footsteps overhead. Fearfully poking his head out from under the leaf litter, his dim eyes are able to distinguish the shapes of children. His ears hear the sound of someone talking loudly, a mumble of incomprehensible noises. Knowing that these youngsters will not harm him, he settles back to sleep for a few days.

VROOMM!!!!! The sudden deafening sound of one of mans destructive machines slices through the still silent air. Animals squawk and cry, screeching in fear and alarm. These fear filled sounds wake the snake, who immediately senses danger from his forest companions. Slithering away from his resting place he hears the machine drawing closer. Fear replaces all other thoughts in his mind, and in a panic he wriggles up the nearest tree with all his effort and might feeling the familiar feel of the wattles bark thrusting up under his scales. In his confusion, he misses the alarming fact that the machine is chopping trees down, heading in a direct path towards the very wattle in which the snake was seeking refuge. 

Realising this the snake tries to escape but he is paralysed by fear. The machine draws closer, the roar of its engine becoming a destructive laugh of death. As it reaches the snake's tree the machine lifts a blade covered in tree sap, which glints in the sun. The snake closes his eyes and relaxes preparing for death, but it does not come. The machine shudders and its engine grinds to a halt. A man climbs out of the contraption, speaking sounds which the snake cannot understand. But he does not want to understand. 

He glides down the tree's trunk and over the leaf litter happily , smiling to himself in thankful joy.

By Kylie from Greenbank State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia. 
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