For Green Eyes Only The Web 
The lone spider sat on the silvery web. Its eyes moving about. Watching. Waiting. Waiting to see her next meal. Watching for the slightest movement. An ant scurries past. She decides not to worry about it and wait for a bigger meal. She hasn't eaten for days.

Suddenly a fly buzzes through the dark, overgrown garden. If this spider had any lips, it would lick them. The small fly is getting closer. And closer. The fly is millimetres away from its doom. The web.

The Web
Foamcore board monoprint printed on colour paper by Matthew.

The web that the spider spun three days ago. Its long silvery, string like thread woven together to construct the vicious killing machine, like an array of sharp knives, glinting and shimmering in the sun. The fly tried to fly the other way but it cannot be avoided. It is caught! Its tiny brain panicking. Trying to get away. But the more it tries to move the more it is trapped.

The web has worked well. The fly is tangled in the strands of the web. The spider will save the fly for after. Now she waits again. Watching. Waiting. The endless cycle goes on and on. Until one day the spider will fall prey to another bigger, stronger animal. As the saying goes: "There is always a bigger fish in the ocean."

By Matthew from Browns Plains State School.


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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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