For Green Eyes Only Poss and Flutterby  
It was a beautiful afternoon in the bush at Park Ridge. Quietness and calmness was all around. The old scribbly gums were swaying in the cool breeze . Leaves fell quietly to the ground. A large smooth rock stood in the gleaming light of the sun. A small curious creature sat contentedly in the shade. It had a ringed, furry tail and a small body with big boggly eyes. He was called Poss.

The possum lived in a huge scribbly gum tree with his family. It was Poss's job to collect food for his family and he had no time to make friends and he was very lonely.

Poss poked his head out of the tree. A colourful insect fluttered past the possums furry head. It was a butterfly. The butterfly landed on Poss's wet black nose.

"Hello" said the butterfly in a quiet voice. The possum was very surprised and so he went back in his tree looking quite confused.

"Please don't go. I just wanted a friend," said the colourful creature. "Will you be my friend? " asked the possum, much afraid of the creature.

"Why of course, but what's your name?" questioned the butterfly.

"I'm Poss," he said proudly.

"I'm Flutterby." "Glad to meet you Flutterby." "Same to you Poss. I had better go now and find my family," said Flutterby.

"Okay, goodbye!" yelled Poss. The birds in the gums flew away because the possum was a bit to loud. The butterfly flew away.

The two friends would play in the bush all day everyday, Poss's parents were very pleased that he had a friend. One day Poss couldn't find Flutterby anywhere. He looked here and he looked there. He looked everywhere. Flutterby was not to be found. Poss started to get worried. He thought he should go deep into the woods to find Flutterby. It was a very windy and rainy day, but Poss didn't care. The scribbly gums were swaying angrily in the wind. Poss scurried into the woods. His claws had bits of leaves skewered to them. The brown falling leaves were flying in the air.

Poss went through the bush until he reached a foggy swamp. The swamp seemed to be covered with cobwebs. Poss studied the cobwebs carefully. He saw his pastel coloured friend stuck in a big sticky cobweb. Flutterby was crying for help. Poss took a deep breath and fought his way through the cobwebs to reach his friend. Some of the webs were very strong but Poss knew he had to help his friend. After what seemed an eternity Poss reached Flutterby and broke the strong strands which held her captive.

Flutterby was so weak she could not fly so Poss carried her out of the forest depths, back to his tree house. After she had rested and Poss's mother had helped her to dry her wings she was able to return to her family. Poss and Flutterby have remained friends forever.

By Nicole from Park Ridge State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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