For Green Eyes Only Chaos at the Creek 
It was a beautiful day at the little creek where goanna had decided to make his home. It was a clear creek with muddy banks and there was a big white barked gum tree that had a friendly appearance, was a great climbing tree and was growing accross the shimmering water. Goanna was a sleek, rough scaled character and was a solid, tough kind of guy.

He heard that some workmen were going to knock down the bush to build more houses. Old Man Kangaroo called an emergency meeting and all the animals came. "My friends of the bush," he said. "We have to discuss a way of staying here," he announced.

All of a sudden, Possum called "Look Out!"

The workmen had come early. The animals went back into hiding. The air was filled with diesel fumes and men giving orders. big bulldozers and excavators rumbled through the bush knocking down the trees and the shrubs. Goanna scurried up a tree as a man with muscles and no hair started to cut it down with his chainsaw.

Quick as a flash goanna jumped on the man's head. The man was screaming, as goanna thought, "What a sissy!" The other animals did the same and soon all the workmen were bolting out of the bush.

Goanna was given a medal for his quick thinking and all the animals of the bush were saved. 

By Ryan from Greenbank State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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