For Green Eyes Only Snakes, Bullies and Bulldozers  
As I walked home from school on a Thursday afternoon, walking across the Edwards Bridge with the Oxley Creek lying beneath me, I noticed that there was hardly any water in the creek. I decided to go down there as I had never been allowed to go down before. So I took of my shoes and ventured down. I put my feet in the shallow water and I felt the mud squish between my toes. It felt like stepping into a big bath of slime.

In the distance I heard a slight murmur. I looked in that direction and it was the two school bullies who thought they were really tough and mean. To my surprise they had a big long stick and they were poking a beautiful brown snake. I decided to run over and see what they were doing to this poor snake. I got over there and said, "Hey you bullies leave it alone!"

"Why should we Anna?" said the boys.

Foamcore board monoprint of snake printed on coloured paper by Sarah.

So I ran over to them and tried to help the poor thing get away from them. As I went to get it away from the boys it hissed and put its big fierce fangs out. Suddenly the bullies let go of it and they ran away screaming for help, meanwhile the snake just slithered away into the deep and dark bushland. I felt that was enough enjoyment for that day, so I climbed back up onto the bridge and put my shoes on. I walked home.

On Friday at school, in my maths class ( my worst subject), I heard a big roaring noise of bulldozers. I was very worried about all of the animals in the bushland. I raced out the gate and over the bridge and climbed down to the creek, but I was too late, they had already bulldozed all of the trees and forest down.

"OH NO!!" I screamed.

The beautiful brown snake lay beneath me. I poked it with a long stick and felt if it was still alive. To my surprise it was. I quickly raced home to mum as she was a vet and I got her to look at it. After a couple of weeks the snake had recovered and the whole school was permitted to go down to Oxley Creek, as we had planted new plants and we were looking after them and keeping it clean.

By Sarah from Greenbank State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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