For Green Eyes Only LUCY THE BROWN KOALA  
Early one cold, rainy morning the old bush behind Acorus Park was disturbed.  One of the fattest, oldest and tallest trees which was a big old gum tree had fallen over shaking the whole bush, including a lot of other eucalyptus' and wattles which were homes to lots of birds and mammals.  The tree fell into the creek which had lots of tadpoles in it.  The bush which had a lot of trees in it had a wide variety of animals living there.  This accident was caused after a big, yellow bulldozer clearing land fell over while pulling down a wattle tree and bashed into the gum tree which wasn't supposed to be pulled down.

All of the sleeping people in Acorus Court and Bushland Drive were also awakened and were very angry as the bush gave them peace. So they then started a petition which ended up failing and more trees were chopped down.  The petition was to leave the bush how it was.  One particularly annoyed lady went to talk to the bulldozer driver who had apparently run away.  While this lady was walking back a scared, brown baby koala walked up and crawled up the  lady's leg.  This koala had seen the lady the day before, untangling a kookaburra and knew the lady was nice.

Koala clinging to Janet's leg.
Foamcore board monoprint on coloured paper by Sonya.

The lady took the koala home and named her Lucy and Lucy also learned the lady's name, which was Janet.  Janet was an animal lover who had lovely, thick, sandy, brown hair, was skinny, was tall, had a nice sense of style and had size 8 1/2 feet.  She took good care of Lucy and loved her dearly. 

As Janet lived alone it was different to have something else around.  While Janet was caring for Lucy, she took Lucy out a lot, learned as much as she could about koalas as she could, and looked for Lucy's mother.  One morning quite by accident while taking Lucy out, Janet found an unconscious, grey koala on the ground in a heap, so she took it to the vet.  The vet said she had fallen out of a tree and was in shock and put the koala in Janet's hands.  Janet knew that this new koala wasn't Lucy's mother as Lucy was brown and the other koala, whom Janet named Amelia, was grey, but she still put them together while Amelia was recovering. 

After Amelia had recovered and the koalas knew each other, Janet put Amelia and Lucy into the bush again knowing Amelia would take care of Lucy. Janet visited Lucy and Amelia every day and was always happy because she knew she had done a good deed.  Janet, Amelia and Lucy lived happily and as friends for the rest of their lives.

By Sonya from Yugumbir State School.

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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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