For Green Eyes Only Friends Forever

A koala who called himself Kenny lived near the Oxley Creek up a big thick eucalyptus tree with long straight gum leaves. He often talked to no one but his best friend Sammy the caterpillar.

Kenny the Koala and his friend Sammy the caterpillar
Foamcore board monoprint of Kenny and Sammy printed on coloured paper by Vanessa.

One bright and sunny day, a man and his bulldozer started knocking down trees in Kenny's part of the forest. Sammy the caterpillar told Kenny he better get down, but he refused to move from his very own tree. The bulldozer was getting closer and closer, but he still wouldn't listen to Sammy. Sammy was screaming and screaming to get Kenny to come down from the tree. He still wouldn't listen, so Sammy jumped down to the soft bushes below and slowly slid away to safety at the edge of the forest.

He watched in disbelief as the forest which was once his home, vanished. Sammy was afraid, because he couldn't see the tree Kenny lived in. Then suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kenny clinging to the branches of his home as it was being chopped down, and about to go through the saw mill.

Kenny was still refusing to move from his tree, until he saw the sharp silver shining blade from the saw mill. Kenny changed his mind instantly and scrambled to find a way out. The Man in the bulldozer with the bright yellow helmet with the word "Bobcat", stencilled on the front, saw the frantic koala and locked him in the front of his car, which was parked out the front of the forest .

The man finished chopping down the last couple of trees and then he went to see if the koala was still in the car. The Koala was still there, so he was going to take it to the Albany Zoo after he packed up his stuff. At this point Sammy was totally frantic, he was running around in circles as if he was a chook with his head chopped off and someone was using it as a football. Sammy slid over to where the car was and just made it onto the back of the car before it sped away to the zoo. Sammy was struggling to hold on, but he made it to the zoo, and the car pulled up in front of a huge peachy building.

A few minutes later the man took Kenny into the building. Sammy didn't want to lose sight of the koala, so he jumped onto the mans shoe. The Man gave the koala to the lady behind the desk. Sammy slid around to the other side of the desk and crawled up the lady onto the koala's head. The lady went outside and put Kenny into a very, very large cage with huge eucalyptus trees. Kenny decided he would stay there because his other home was gone and they lived as happy as any two best friends could be.

By Vanessa from Greenbank State School.


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This story was created during a one day Literary Day of Excellence at Regents Park Primary School, Queensland, Australia.
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