The Space Watch

Chapter 2 - Surviving Lunar Station

The robot voice said, "Leaving earth's atmosphere. Push third button on watch for air supply." Steven quickly did what the voice told him and heard the sound of air hissing into his shiny, silver space suit. "Wow! What's going to happen next?"

The robot voice said, "Landing at lunar base in ten seconds. Prepare for landing." The boy felt the watch move his body so that his feet were pointed towards a large crater on the moon. Laser thrusters in the shoes of his space suit started to fire and the boy slowed down and landed on the moon.

"Wow! Cool!" The boy was standing in the middle of a flat crater surrounded by high rocky mountains.

The robot said, "Follow the flashing green lights to the lunar base station." The boy looked around and there was a line of flashing green lights leading to an orange dome in the distance. He took a step and bounced up like a champion basket ball player. "Wee! This is great."

"Follow the green lights." Said the robot voice. The boy set off along the line of lights and got closer and closer to the dome.

As he landed with a last giant leap the robot voice said - "Place the space watch on the touch screen for reprogramming." As the watch touched the screen a message appeared - '500 megabytes to transfer. 5 seconds to go.' Pictures flashed across the screen at high speed as the terminal whizzed and clicked. 'Transfer completed. Would you like a space game present compliments of the lunar base station?'

"Ahh. Yes please."

'One megabyte lunar game being transferred. Three seconds to go.'

When the clicking and whining stopped a message flashed on the screen - 'Air supply low. Life support system must be recharged within 10 minutes.'

"Ahh. How do I do that?"

The robot voice said " You must transfer five thousands lunar dollars into terminal for your next supply of air."

"Five thousand lunar dollars! I haven't even got five thousand dollars at home. What am I going to do?"

"You may earn five thousand lunar dollars by playing the space game transferred to your space watch. If you succeed you will win a new air supply."

"Cool. I'm great at games. How do I begin?"

"Point space watch at terminal and press buttons one and three together and then step through that hatch."

The boy did just that and watched a laser beam shoot out and flash against the screen of the terminal. A panel slid open and out of the side of the dome appeared five shining blue robots. They looked like soldiers and each carried a menacing looking laser sword that hummed and hissed.


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